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HDMI CABLE /HDMI Male / Female

HDMI CABLE /HDMI  Male / Female

HDMI CABLE /HDMI Male / Female

Product ID: ADV191+ADV192

Wire Type:
UL20276 (1P+AD+FREE-EDGE)*4*30#+1P*30#+5C*28#+AB
1、HDMI is created by Hitachi , Philips , Silicon image , sonny , Thomson, and Toshiba companies ,
HDMI-1.0 regulation is announced on 9 ,Dec .2002, and HDMI-1.1 is announced on 20,May 2004.
2、Original:As we know DVI is designed for signal of image transmission with high quality.
However it is applied for PC monitor only. It could not be used in AV products. That is
why they create the HDMI standard to improve the quality of definition.
3、Appliance:HDMI is especially use to digital LCD TV, DVD player ,DVD recorder + player,
Set- Top- Box, and others digital multi-media home theater, also for PC LCD monitor.
4、HDMI can keep the original high-resolution signal transmission without compression the
high-definition digital signal is performing by specially techno - cal transmission ,
and it’s consist of the several voice and image signals, the maximimuns of high speed
transmission is 5Gbps moment.
5、The advantage of HDMI are; n-compression voice and image digital transmission style
( to keep the original signal), to support a lots of multimedia frequency, reducing cables
connections, the smaller interface, and mor humanity (CEC) Beside, HDMI can be extended
to DVI and support high speed protection system (HDCP).

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